Burger Patties

At David & Sons we fresh grind out burger blend daily. 

Our signature burgers are a blend of Hereford beef brisket, chuck, and flavorful shortrib. It is a blend that gets expensive quick but yield big flavor and exceptional burgers. 
Chef David has won Burger Brawl Philadelphia 1st Place and Best Burger Philly Magazine with it. 
Not your adverage burger, most butcher shops and grocery stores just use what ever is left over to make theyre patties. 

Give one a try today. 

We also keep several different varities in stock.

Black & Blue - Blue cheese ground into the meat and coarse toasted peppercorns on the outside.

Bacon & Cheddar - House cured bacon and cheddar cheese ground into the patty.

Our Smokehouse Burger - Oak Smoked for 10 minutes, (still raw in the middle) but all the benefits of that sweet oak smoke on the burger makes it taste like a real campfire burger. 

You can get any of these cooked to perfetion in store or in patty form. We hand smash our burgers in store on a 400*F griddle to get that extra crisp outside and moist center. 

Good Eating